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Multi-categories for Joomla articles

Compatibility - CW Multicategories for Joomla Articles

CW Multicategories for Joomla 2.5 and Joomla 3.0 articles

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Features - CW Multicategories for Joomla Articles:

See Demo site

  • Button for modal window with category list - just like classical Category list view
  • Pagination in category list
  • Filtering categories
  • ACL included - visible only categories according to user rights
  • AJAX & jQuery powered
  • No problems with SEF
  • Featured articles, Blog view, Article view - articles have all categories displayed, linking into the correct category view
  • Page navigation - in the article detail view routing correctly within the current category - even if article has multiple categories assigned
  • Breadcrumbs - showing correct path depending on in which category is the article viewed from (as it can be published in more categories)
  • Works with native Joomla article modules (adding supported 3rd party extensions f.e. News Show Pro GK4, JComments)
  • Possibility to enable creating canonical urls for articles in multiple categories - for avoiding having duplicate content


Getting started with CW Multicategories for Joomla Articles

  1. Install the component

    Download CW Multicategories and install - component.
    And thats all. Just one click install and all is done. 
  2. Go to Article manager

    In Content → Article Manager

    You can see filtered category "uncategorized" here on picture - marked with red color

  3. Edit/create article

    In article edit/create form view - you can see a button for category selection and list of selected categories in green bubbles. You can also remove assigned categories by clicking on black/white cross icon
    multicat 3

  4. Select categories

    You can see modal window with list of categories with all the functionality like in Categories view - pagination and filtering. You can also see a list of selected categories (IDs and Titles)

    In demo we selected new category "Test category" marked with red color

    To confirm selection - we click on Submit button

  5. Updated categories

    after we submit selection we can see updated categories in article form thanks to AJAX functionality.
    NEW Feature since v2.6.10 (3.1.11): Drag and drop sorting of categories

    multicat 3 
  6. List of articles

    Now we can see in column Categories in list of articles view all categories in which is our article published and we have filtered "uncategorized" category - marked with red color

  7. Try filter another category

    Our article is now published also in "Test category". So lets try filter view for this category.

    And we can see that our article is now visible also in this category

  8. Frontend

    All the functionality is also available in Frontend article management!

    multicat 1
    If you click on remove icon (black/white cross), you remove assigned category, meanwhile you can see a Loading process, indicating that your task is beeing processed.
    multicat 2
     This works also in modal window during check/uncheck process.



Bonus - Article Preview button!

Article Preview button functionality added to Toolbar!

Available after saving article

multicat 4


You can use button to click for opening modal popup window view preview of how article looks on site or you can use right click and open in new window for full view.

Administration - configuration

In Components - CW MCats - go to Options, where you can enable/disable creating canonical urls. It solves the problem with considering multiple URLs for one article as duplicite content by Google robots while indexing. If you want on purpose to have indexed all urls for such article in all categories, set this parameter as disabled.


Using native Joomla ACL offers setting access permissions to different usergroups and access levels, so you can hide the component from the Components menu in administration (doesnt have effect on functionality - which still remains active).


CW Multicategories offers using language files.


Note: CW Multicats patches some core files of com_content component in order to implement its functionality. Therefore updates are made for Joomla updates to keep patched files actual.

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