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Developed for Joomla 2.5 and Joomla 3.0

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  • Image or text tags!! - based on desired component settings
  • Standalone extension based on Component for Tags management in backend and Frontend part for displaying tag search results.
  • A Tag tab in article edit view - with tag management
  • AJAX & jQuery powered - for fast and interactive management
  • Own search component - tag search doesnt use native Joomla search! - configurable parameters
  • Displaying tags in article in article views - detail, blog,..
  • Text or image tags, under or above article content
  • Displaying related articles in article detail - configurable parameters
  • Filtering categories - Tags can be managed in category structure for easier tag management
  • Autocomplete for search tag input and add tag input!
  • Possibility to customize CW Tag module - using search with autocomplete, tag cloud using images or text and using tag sizes according to tag frequency or static size and more...
  • Component Update system
  • ACL for component
  • No problems with SEF
  • Save and Copy article will copy tags in new article
  • Batch Copy - copy tags in new articles will create also tags


  • added ordering for search list (parameters available in menu item params)
  • added drag n drop sorting functionality for sorting assigned tags "live"
  • added URL for tag - this feature allows you to add custom direct url for some tag, so if you click on tag, it will redirect you to this link instead of serch list by tag
  • metadata for search results page - helping SEO
  • added metadata for tag - will be added to metadata of search by tag page.

Getting started:

Install the extension

Download CW Tags and install - component and plugin and also module for tag search/tagcloud

Publish plugin and module.


Go to Components - CW Tags

1) Categories

- here you can create a category structure for you tags. It will help you to organize your tags for later searching and filtering in tags

- if you dont need a deeper structure, just use the default category fo all tags

1) Tags

create tags with:

- title

- image (you dont need to set image for tag, if you a tag will not have an image - it's text title will be displayed in tag

- category

3) Component parameters settings

You can set some default parameters for tags behaviour

- Enable images - if enabled, image tags are displayed (if some tag doesnt have image, text is used), if disabled - text tags are displayed

- Display content - If enabled - article content is displayed in article view list based on searched tag. If disabled - only article titles with basic informations are dispalyed.

- Show related articles - if set yes - will show related articles under the article content - based on searched tag.

- Number of articles - how many related articles will be shown under the article detail


Administration of tags





Adding tags by modal window





Adding tags by input with autocomple




Using an autocomplete search input





Frontend - article detail with images tags and related articles (with CW Tags module on right side)





Frontend - article detail with text tags and related articles (with CW Tags module on right side)



Example of using CW Tags module

1) Image tags

2) Text tags with using sizes (based on frequency)

3) Image tags usingsizes (based on frequency)









Using native Joomla ACL offers setting access permissions to different usergroups and access levels, so you can hide the component from the Components menu in administration (doesnt have effect on functionality - which still remains active).


CW Tags offers using language files.

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