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How CW Eshop works?

CW Eshop is build on MVC structure with implementation of AJAX and jQuery features. CW Eshop provides and e-commerce solution for JomSocial community. It offers common goods and also digital goods. Logged users can choose items and add them to a cart. During checkout user can fill in his address (for case of common goods to be shipped). Instead of real money, users pay with their userpoints.

If user makes an order, a message is saved into JomSocial Activity Stream and userpoints taken.

User can see their orders in their JomSocial profile with My Orders plugin

If user has ordered a digital goods - there is a link for download a file in order list.

Using native Joomla ACL offers setting access permissions for eshop products to different usergroups and access levels.



Developed for Joomla 2.5 - compatibility tested for Jomsocial 2.6.2


Getting started

  1. Install the component

    Download CW Eshop extensions and install them - component, modules, plugins.
  2. Create Categories

    In Components → CW Eshop → Categories → New Category
  3. Create Items

    In Components → CW Eshop → Categories → New Item
  4. Create Menu

    In Menus → Main Menu → Add new Menu Item and select CW Eshop as menu item type - you can create menu for List of categories, Category and List of Orders
  5. Enable module

    Go to Extensions → Module Manager and click new Module and select typ CW Eshop Menu. You can add text above or under category menu.
  6. Enable plugins

    Go to Extensions → Plugin Manager and check if My Orders plugin in community type and plugins of type cweshops are enabled, you can customize its settings also. 
  7. Try how it works

    Go on your website frontend and see how it works.



Control Panel

Informative panel with icons for navigation inside component


You can create eshop items here.

Item has important settings like title, alias, code, price in points, image, file (for digital goods), description

Items has native Joomla ACL features


Native Joomla category system will full ACL features


View with list of orders



List of categories

View of list of CW Eshop categories


View of category and its items and subcategories


View of user's orders



CW Eshops offers using language files.

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